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Getting to know me…

people shaking hands

Well what can I say I love to shop and also love to create. My background is in hospitality. I worked for a long time in different restaurants since I can remember. I love being around people and getting to know why they travel to America, either for business or pleasure. For starting off in that world of hospitality I worked for a long time for many great hotels. I made extroadinary friends, whom were either staff with me or guest who were amazing to listen to the stories about their lives. I started this adventure, due to the pandemic situation. I always had the notebook with my idea, but always put it in the back burner due to my love for hospitality. I loved being with my family and friends who speaks French and I had spoke about this adventure and finale they said to me just do it. So my love for fashion and French came together to introduce this great idea to everyone that I had for a long time. And there you have it.

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Colors of Haiti

MMy place of birth is amazing.   I love the food, the music, language and culture.   Haiti at one time the Island of Espanola.   Yes it was all one island which the right side now is known as Dominican Republic.   Haiti fought colonialism and freed itself from the French in 1804.  From that the French and African culture is ver noticeable when one visit Haiti.   The food is amazing.   Goat meat is usually is serve in a Haitian household.  Well for example we make an excellent empanada. Either with fish or meat inside. Well I would like you to have a taste. Next time I will talk about the music. Thank you.

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The wonders of a farmers market..

Hello the amount of colors from the selling of vegetables and fruits I felt I was in a candy store. I truly think people were enjoying buying fruit and vegetables that the situation of the pandemic was not in their thoughts. Just the smell alone made them happy. Me too. I went there to buy flowers, but truly felt like summer is close by. I went to be inspired by the people moving around, starting to enjoy the weather and communicating face to face, was amazing. I went to see the colors to help me with my business. New colors are amazing to the eyes. But can one truly image that , that in itself made me think of great sequence of colors for my teeshirts, or hats that I am working on. Thank you, and hope something lovely inspires you today.