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Getting to know me…

people shaking hands

Well what can I say I love to shop and also love to create. My background is in hospitality. I worked for a long time in different restaurants since I can remember. I love being around people and getting to know why they travel to America, either for business or pleasure. For starting off in that world of hospitality I worked for a long time for many great hotels. I made extroadinary friends, whom were either staff with me or guest who were amazing to listen to the stories about their lives. I started this adventure, due to the pandemic situation. I always had the notebook with my idea, but always put it in the back burner due to my love for hospitality. I loved being with my family and friends who speaks French and I had spoke about this adventure and finale they said to me just do it. So my love for fashion and French came together to introduce this great idea to everyone that I had for a long time. And there you have it.

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